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Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for Facilities Engineers

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19 Oct,2023

Course Overview

“Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for Facilities Engineers” is a course that provides an overview of essential electrical engineering concepts and principles specifically tailored for professionals working in the field of facility management or facilities engineering. The course aims to equip individuals with a foundational understanding of electrical systems and components commonly found in facilities.

Program Details

  • The key components of facilities electric power distribution which include
    circuit arrangements, low and medium voltage switchgear, and single-phase
    and three phase schemes
  • Operation, components, electromotive forces, turns and voltage ratios,
    losses, efficiency, rating, and connections of transformers
  • The difference between direct current motors, alternating current motors,
    enclosures and how to select motors
  • Protection of electrical equipment including fuses, direct tripping, relaying,
    and coordination
  • About emergency power to include power requirements, generator sets,
    direct current systems, batteries, and an overview of uninterruptible power
    supplies (UPS)
  • Power generation which includes an overview of emergency, prime, base,
    peak and co-generation, quality, sizing, operation, control, and power factor
  • Grounding and bonding with an overview of systems, equipment, ignition
    sources, separately derived systems, performance, and substation grounding

Course Outlines

  • Fundamentals of electricity
  • Direct current
  • Basic AC theory
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Power distribution
  • System protection and coordination
  • Emergency power generators, direct current systems and uninterruptible
    power systems
  • Power generation
  • Variable speed drives
  • Programmable electronic systems
  • Electrical safety
  • Grounding and bonding