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High Voltage Authorised Person (Industrial &Commercial) training course

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  • High Voltage Authorised Person (Industrial &Commercial) training course
19 Oct,2023

Course Overview

Training course for suitably experienced persons being considered for the duties of authorized person
(high voltage electrical) or senior authorized person (high voltage electrical) with respect to HV distribution
systems. The course incorporates assessment under the Frontline Skills Framework certificated by City and Guilds.

Program Details

Benefits of attending for the learner
– Greater understanding and compliance with legislation.
– Better communication with colleagues.
– Coaching from highly experienced trainers and the opportunity to meet and interact with other AP’s and AE’s.
Benefits of attending for the employer
– Compliance with legislation.
– An independent recommendation of suitability as an Authorised Person.
– Better documentation, communication and enforcement of safe working procedures.
What you will learn
– Requirements of statutory regulation/legislation.
– Types of HV switchgear and their operation and maintenance.
– Types of HV sub-station equipment, its operation and maintenance.
– Types of distribution systems and the equipment used.
– Types of protective devices and their application.
– Application of Electricity Safety Regulations to HV ring and radial distribution systems.
– Issue of Permits to Work and Sanction for Test.
– Methods of network operation.
– Records and documentation.
– Cable location and identification.
– Testing/commissioning of electrical distribution equipment.
– First Aid.
What qualifications will you achieve?
– The output from this course is a recommendation to support an Authorising Engineer’s decision when
considering the appointment of an Authorised Person.
– This course also incorporates assessment and certification under the City and Guilds Frontline Skills
Framework Utilities 5831 scheme unit 903 Authorised Person High Voltage. This is awarded to delegates
who demonstrate a higher level of competence in the course assessments.
How is this training delivered?
– Delegates complete practical exercises that involve the management, application, and control of
– Delegates are continually assessed, both in written and practical exercises, and there are opportunities to
work with a wide range of equipment that will support their knowledge in the field.
– This course can be intense, it includes evening work, both the reading of course materials and the completion of projects.