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Professional Certificate of Competency in Earthing and Lightning Protection

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  • Professional Certificate of Competency in Earthing and Lightning Protection
14 Oct,2023

Course Overview

The course mainly focusses on Earthing, Bonding, Lightning, and Surge Protection. The objectives cover the basic principles and importance of earthing, how to test/earth certain equipment, the different types of earthing system in depth, followed by lightning and surge protection on various locations.

Program Details

The course will commence by defining earthing and reviewing basic earthing needs followed by the basic principles of earthing. The components of earthing system and types of earthing system will be discussed to get a deeper understanding of earthing application. Adding to this, Earthing in Substation and UPS Earthing will be reviewed.

The second part of the course gives an exposure to Lightning. It discusses Lightning effects, including the vital topics such as Lightning safety, Lightning protection of structures, and Lightning protection of electrical lines and substations, which are crucial to protecting various components from lightning and its adverse effects. Adding to the Lightning, the topic Surge Protection will be explained, which involves the protection of electrical lines from other sources of lightning such as surges, transient voltages, electrical faults, switching, etc. Towards the end Maintenance of lightning protection systems, Safety regulations and Standards will be studied.

Earthing and Lightning Protection Course Benefits

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from ASEEE.
  • Learn from well-known faculty and industry experts from around the globe.
  • Flexibility of attending anytime from anywhere, even when you are working full-time.
  •  Interact with industry experts during the webinars and get the latest updates/announcements on the subject.
  •  Experience a global learning with students from various backgrounds and experience which is a great networking opportunity.
  • Gain fundamental knowledge about Earthing, Bonding, Lightning, and Surge Protection.
  • Study the basic principles of earthing, types and components of earthing and surge protection systems.
  • Learn the latest industry standards and procedures for earthing and lightning protection.
  • Get information on the best practices on earthing for mitigation against effects of faults and lightning strikes.