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Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering Foundations

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14 Oct,2023

Course Overview

Engineers are responsible for designing new systems and solving problems for a wide range of fields like mining, oil and gas, construction, power generation, manufacturing, automotive, marine and agriculture. Upon completion of this undergraduate certificate, you will have fundamental knowledge, skills, and understanding of these foundational engineering subjects. You will be able to apply fundamental principles of mathematics, design, drawing, physics, chemistry, and engineering programming. You will be able to demonstrate scientific, mathematical, contextual factors and design practice knowledge that has been contextualized for engineering applications.

Program Details

This program is specifically designed to provide a foundational skill set that is useful and applicable to almost every engineering discipline in the world, including mechanical, electrical, civil, construction, mechatronics, agricultural, marine, aeronautical, automotive, and many more. The undergraduate certificate provides you with cutting-edge skills that are valuable in the workplace as well as further studies in any engineering discipline.

With this qualification, you will have acquired the foundational knowledge which underpins wide variety of fields of engineering.